Quote from a paper

May 4, 2012

Various definitions of meta-analysis have
been published. For example, similar to the
original definition by Glass, Huque defined
meta-analysis as “a statistical analysis which
combines or integrates the results of several
independent clinical trials, considered by the
analyst to be combinable.”


Hard hats

March 17, 2012

Construction workers (many of them women) carry yellow hard hats.  This is a new trend.

Different “domains”

February 7, 2012

If google.co.in is going to order its results and give different results from google.co.uk, then I don’t see why the the two sites should have the same google logo.  Some tired american hack.  India can have different logos from the uk or us sites.

Found at http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/data-chart-center/interest-rates/Pages/TextView.aspx?data=realyield

February 6, 2012


Real yields

DATE 5 YR 7 YR 10 YR 20 YR 30 YR
2/1/2012 -1.17 -0.78 -0.28 0.42 0.65
2/2/2012 -1.18 -0.79 -0.3 0.41 0.64
2/3/2012 -1.1 -0.72 -0.21 0.59 0.75
Sunday Feb 5, 2012, 11:51 AM

Too many blue jeans

February 1, 2012

Far too many blue jeans.

A sip can change your life

February 1, 2012

With these random finance types.  At a company sponsored gig.  AH brings out his flask of goodies.  I am casually watching.  He counts out glasses and pours.  I get a sip from N.s glass.  My view of scotch is altered forever.


January 2, 2012

The mobile telephone is a great educational tool.

On contradiction

October 12, 2011

Another behaviour I have noted:  When you assert something, invariably your interlocuter will contradict it.

The Chairman would have approved.

Recent CHF Libor

August 23, 2011

Swiss franc libor rates have turned negative. CHF libor overnight 22 Aug 2011, -0.02000 %,; 19 Aug 2011, -0.00333 %; 18 Aug 2011, 0.00000 %; 17 Aug 2011, 0.00000 %; 16 Aug 2011, 0.00250 %.

Source: http://www.global-rates.com/interest-rates/libor/swiss-franc/swiss-franc.aspx

An inventory of types

August 13, 2011

The American hegemon has introduced a slew of new words into what used to be a fairly expressive language before its corruption, to capture the American version of social reality.  Let me list out the ones that come to mind.






I heard of a fraternity party at which there was a guy with various rubber stamps, stamping these descriptions on the backs of hands of the guests, thus slotting them into controllable categories.  I feel I have left out some of these new types, and if you, patient reader, can supplement my knowledge, I’d be most obliged.

I think it is in sociology departments that such such typologies are worked out.  I once knew of a chap, nice in most other ways, who had done a Ph.D in sociology.  After that, ostensibly to round out his education, he did another Ph.D, this time in economics.  Obviously, the degree in sociology had not quenched his thirst for true knowledge.  And if all the sociologists do is characterise otherwise harmless people as geeks and nerds, one can quite sympathise with above mentioned professor, now tenured.