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“Send 100s of photos in 1 email”

May 7, 2012

“Send 100s of photos in 1 email”

One packet of ciggies in India is approximately 1 dollar.


On contradiction

October 12, 2011

Another behaviour I have noted:  When you assert something, invariably your interlocuter will contradict it.

The Chairman would have approved.

Need a name for a behaviour

August 12, 2011

I first noticed this behaviour when I was little.  It enraged me even then.  It still does, but these days I control the reaction.  The behaviour, I found widespread in women (though it may occur among effiminate men or men who like to play games.)  My first early memory of this behaviour is with my mother, but since that time I have encountered it with my wife, my female colleague and female boss.

The behaviour in question:  The female initiates a conversation, asks a question, or asks for an opinion.  Then, right when you start to reply, she diverts her attention from what you are saying, to something that is (demonstrably for you) more important or pressing, thus cutting you off in mid speech.  If she is especially kind, after the interruption, she will turn to you, and resume with “and so you were saying?”.

I badly need a name for this behaviour.  I bet the Americans, who incorrigibly study all and every phenomenon from a “scientific” standpoint, have, in one of their many classified reports, already given a name to this.  I just don’t know it.  I was thinking of calling it the “cut off” as in “she gave me the cut off” as in “she gave me the go by”.  But perhaps there is a more appropriate term.

I would punish the perpetrators with, what, a year of solitary, or have their tongues paralysed.  But I still  can’t enforce my curses or make them real, so I’ll just keep practicing and hoping for the best.

A complaint

June 10, 2009

Was contemplating the choice in the Levis store. They didn’t stock the liberal (broad leg) cuts, and didn’t stock the true blue denim (just an awful blue black). I’ve been exposed to jeans in the USA, and have been spoiled forever.

Q: Why doesn’t the market provide the best quality choices?

Will have to seek out a Lee store to see if they can fill the gap.

Further, years ago Flying Machine jeans were doing a fine job of providing well fitting jeans. Where are they now?

Power out

March 18, 2009

Was just going to login to the blog to reply to comments when the power went off.

No internet because the router works on mains.

A message in this? I choose to read one into it, even if the author of this event didn’t intend it (was it God you think?)

The message is this: (Hyperactivex are you listening up?) If we can’t even get the power situation straightened out, what sense does having a laptop and router and all this new fangled stuff make?

You see where we are?