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“Send 100s of photos in 1 email”

May 7, 2012

“Send 100s of photos in 1 email”

One packet of ciggies in India is approximately 1 dollar.


Margins on cigarettes

December 4, 2010

The wholesale price (price at the last level distributer, those guys who roam around on mopeds with stacks of cigarette boxes on their carriers) of a packet of Wills Navy Cut is Rs 36.  The retail price is Rs 40 (printed on the box).  The retailer’s markup is thus 4/36 =11%.  This is huge (in relation to what?).  Just seems huge to me.

From Choice Daily Needs, Challaghatta, Bangalore 560 037

December 4, 2010

Chole (Kabuli Chana)  1kg     Rs 80

Cashew (1 packet 409 gms)      Rs 35 (batch of 24 Oct 2010)  (up from Rs 30 batch of Sep 2010)

Goodlife milk (4 packets 500 ml each)     Rs 15 each

Thums Up (2 ltr)     Rs 60

Tropicana Orange Juice (1 ltr)     Rs 85

Turmeric (100 gms)    Rs 30

Dhaniya powder (100 gms)     Rs 16

Eggs (12 nos)     Rs 42

Atta Bread     Rs 22

Wills (10 packets)     Rs 400

Black Pepper powder (2 packets 100 gms each)     Rs 72

Cornflour  (100 gms)     Rs 20

Rice (“Arise” packed)  (2 kg)     Rs 98   thus Rs 49 per kg

Onion (1 kg)     34

Ginger (200 gms)     Rs 16

Garlic (1/2 kg)      Rs 110   thus per kg    Rs 220

Potato  (1 kg)     Rs 22

Sugar (1 kg)    Rs 40   (gone up)

Prices from Oasis Mall, Koramangala

February 6, 2010

Pork cocktail sausages  Rs 250/kg

Ajinomoto 50gms Rs 15

Chicken Broiler Whole Skin on Rs 115/kg

Fun Foods Mayonnaise 300g  Rs 69

Streamline Pure Natural Honey 390g  Rs 145

Spanish Mortadella with Olives (Salami) Rs 860/kg

US style Rindless bacon  Rs 1150/kg

Ginger fresh Rs 59.90/kg

Garlic china  Rs 179.90/kg


February 3, 2010

Parrys sugar 1 kg   Rs 46.00

Pillsbury atta 1 kg Rs 33.00

Prices from the internet

January 8, 2010

Onions Spanish (1 kg)   £0.80     Rs 58.38

Potatoes (2.5 kg)     £1.25     .^.   1 kg    £0.5     Rs 36.49

Todays GBP to INR rate: from Oanda:     72.9789

1 pack of  Players 20×4     £ 5.85 x 4 = £23.4      Rs 1707.71

Prices from shopping basket at Choice Daily Needs, Chalaghata, Bangalore, India 560 037

January 8, 2010

Potato 1kg    Rs 20.00

Tomato 1kg     Rs 20.00

Onion 1 kg     Rs 28.00

Lemon 3 nos.     Rs 7.00

Curds I packet     Rs 6.00

Pepsi 2 ltr x 2 nos      Rs 104.00

Wills packet of 10×8      Rs 272.00

Milk powder (200gms)     Rs 44.00

Total  Rs 501.00

I assume an american potato is equivalent to an indian potato.  I assume an american tomato is equivalent to an indian tomato.  I assume an american onion is equivalent (from the point of view of function) to an indian onion.  I assume an indian lemon is as good as an american one.  Dahi or curd is equivalent there and here.  Pepsi is perhaps the only case where quality differentials are nil.  A pack of 20 wills is equal to a pack of Marlboros.  Milk powder is pretty much the same.  So now, I need the USD prices of these, and I can compare the specific and generalised purchasing power of the USD (and the INR) .  Will I be able to find these prices on the net?  And would there be home delivery?


August 26, 2009

1 kg Parrys white sugar: Printed price Rs 32.95  The shopkeeper took Rs 33.