Name: Sabyasachi Ray

Age: 50

Sex: Male

Married, no children

A Ph.D in economics with interests in physics, math, and optimal control theory.

Location: Bangalore, India

Music I like:  Beatles and J.S.Bach.  Jazz (Dexter Gordon, Keith Jarrett, Sidney Bechet).

Books I like:  Seymour: An Introduction and Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. warren mosler Says:

    my paper ‘full employment and price stability’ on my website is what led to India’s latest employment program for the ‘rural poor’ that apparently is providing paid employment for 20 million people? Are you familiar with it?

  2. sxray Says:


    Will look up the paper you refer to above on your website. Am exploring it slowly.

    Have devoted many years to studying the government financial statements but a lot of that is still opaque to me. The division in India between “Plan’ and “non plan” expenditure is quite subtle, and the broad measures of spending given in the annual budget do not quite reveal the mix between employment generating investment and other investment. At least not yet, to me.

    But will follow your lead, and try and unravel the ’employment generating’ spending.

    Thanks for your response!

  3. Brinda Says:

    T2? 🙂

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