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More hats

June 16, 2011

I had white hats for the owners of the means of production and red hats for the workers.  But I discovered that the red hats actually own some part of the means of production via pension funds.  So now I need red hats with white dots and white hats with red dots (because some of the idle rich labour).  Now I’m losing my grip altogether, and giving each man a unique hat.



June 13, 2011

We are in a perfectly linear world.  The single commodity produced, in the words of the immortal Powelson, we call “Brothausen”.  So the scene is set thus:  Capitalists (White hat) own firms (empty shells at night, throbbing hives of activity by day) which produce GOODS to be consumed by those they employ, the workers (Red hat).  But here is where the going gets tricky.  Some part of the saving of the workers is onlent to the producer sector.  I speak of the pension funds.  I don’t know much about this.  I know some part of my income, with a matching contribution from my employer, is put away, wisely invested in safe government securities, so that I can draw down this balance some day.  This is where the fuzziness comes in.  Every-bloody-one -seems to own a bit of the pie.  Well, not everyone, but well over, what, at least a million people?  A billion people, or do I go too far?

Let’s stop here and backtrack.  White hats for the owners of equity.  Red hats for those they employ. But the Red hats own some companies by virtue of their pension fund being invested in them.

Corporation T-shirt

June 11, 2011

When I was young, there were no lettered T-shirts.  People used to wear plain, patterned clothes.  Somewhere along the line, the corporation T-shirt.  With messages.  Can’t decide whether this is altogether a good thing.