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And what was that?

December 15, 2010

On my first day in NY i walked down 3rd Ave to 77th street.  I had these grey suede shoes on.  When I walked back to 8st, I stopped under the streetlight at the corner.  My eyes were drawn to a block in the sidewalk.  The cement said “Ray”.  I was suitably impressed.


So what was that?

December 15, 2010

It was in the fall of 1986 when I entered the dorm at NYU.  It was on the corner of 8th Street and 3rd Ave, 33 Third Avenue.  The room was done in grey and light (Ikea type modular) wood.  Plastic chairs.  One bed (small) with a new mattress.  Which I slept on.  One morning.  On my back with my right forearm over my eyes.  After coming back from Bobst.  And dreamt.  Of sitting on a bar stool, leaning with my back against the bar.  On a corner (wrapped around).  Having a drink.  I am not alone.  Don’t remember the details after all these years.  But I felt, during that leaning against the bar, this pointed intrusion of some energy into the twin points, dips in the lower back, the ones that anchor the pelvic cross from the back.  It was as if a tool were being driven in (and to some depth) into those two points on my lower back.

Now I had been told by a girl, that those two dips in your lower back are where it begins.  But I for some reason refrained from asking her what she meant when she said that.

I know another person, Smita’s brother, who also experienced the same thing.  I wish this blog were more widely read, so that I could put the question to a whole lot of people.  Smita’s brother also went mad.  Like I did.  But now I’m back.  Rehabilitated.

Margins on cigarettes

December 4, 2010

The wholesale price (price at the last level distributer, those guys who roam around on mopeds with stacks of cigarette boxes on their carriers) of a packet of Wills Navy Cut is Rs 36.  The retail price is Rs 40 (printed on the box).  The retailer’s markup is thus 4/36 =11%.  This is huge (in relation to what?).  Just seems huge to me.

From Choice Daily Needs, Challaghatta, Bangalore 560 037

December 4, 2010

Chole (Kabuli Chana)  1kg     Rs 80

Cashew (1 packet 409 gms)      Rs 35 (batch of 24 Oct 2010)  (up from Rs 30 batch of Sep 2010)

Goodlife milk (4 packets 500 ml each)     Rs 15 each

Thums Up (2 ltr)     Rs 60

Tropicana Orange Juice (1 ltr)     Rs 85

Turmeric (100 gms)    Rs 30

Dhaniya powder (100 gms)     Rs 16

Eggs (12 nos)     Rs 42

Atta Bread     Rs 22

Wills (10 packets)     Rs 400

Black Pepper powder (2 packets 100 gms each)     Rs 72

Cornflour  (100 gms)     Rs 20

Rice (“Arise” packed)  (2 kg)     Rs 98   thus Rs 49 per kg

Onion (1 kg)     34

Ginger (200 gms)     Rs 16

Garlic (1/2 kg)      Rs 110   thus per kg    Rs 220

Potato  (1 kg)     Rs 22

Sugar (1 kg)    Rs 40   (gone up)

Dirt and error

December 1, 2010

Always there.