Standard Occupational Classification

Get the Standard Occupational Classification in the US, and in India (I don’t think India even has one.)

List the occupations and their remunerations.  Also list employment (numbers) and unemployment in that grade.

I’m off to try!

Map the SOC to 1. menial labour  2.manual labour 3. People management (supervisory).  4. skilled labour 

Got to think of more categories.


4 Responses to “Standard Occupational Classification”

  1. Chidambaram Pichumony Says:

    Hi Sabyasachi,
    For US data, the FLC Data Center web site
    has useful information. You can get the SOC from the drop down menu on the quick search. As well as current data on prevailing wage levels for occupations by location of employment.
    I’m not sure if there’s a comparable source of data for India.
    Best regards,

  2. Chidambaram Pichumony Says:

    Hi Sabyasachi,
    I thought you might be interested to see some percentages and data tables from the September 2010 BLS tables showing the unemployment percentages by occupation on my blog.
    Also there are indications that public spending on engineering construction has probably contributed to increased employment levels in Australia. Australia is at 5.1% unemployment, and the Australian central bank hiked interest rates last week. Things seem to be just about as good as ever in Australia, in terms of employment levels.
    (Blogger allows posting of tables I created in word on to the site. But I found some tables on the trading economics web site that I couldn’t paste on to blogger, though I copy pasted the picture from the web site on to word successfully.)

  3. sxray Says:

    Chidambaram, Thanks for the info above. I will try pasting tables in word on my site. I’ve left detailed comments on your blog about the content of your post.

  4. Pawanpreet Singh Says:

    B.Sc.(Non Medical) occupation classification is it technical

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