List of broker dealers

As part of the disposition program, Morgan Stanley agreed to provide opportunities for involvement by small broker-dealers, including minority- and women-owned broker-dealers.  “Morgan Stanley has entered into agreements with the following 12 broker-dealers: Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC; Great Pacific Securities, Inc.; Guzman & Company; Kaufman Bros., L.P.; Loop Capital Markets; M. Ramsey King Securities, Inc.; Mischler Financial Group; M.R. Beal & Company; Sturdivant & Co. Inc.; Valdés and Moreno, Inc.; The Williams Capital Group, L.P.; and Wm Smith & Co.”  Treasury press release


3 Responses to “List of broker dealers”

  1. Chidambaram Pichumony Says:

    Hi Sabyasachi,
    I thought you might find this article interesting … it traces the development of Electronic communication networks to replace the traditional systems based on specialists and traders on the exchange floor, and provides quite a good amount of background information as well.

  2. Chidambaram Pichumony Says:

  3. sxray Says:

    Thanks for the link to the very interesting article. But the experience I had with the bond market when I was working for HSBC told me something even about these electronic markets. For instance, you have to declare (on Bloomberg) whether you want a buy quote or a sell quote. The bond desk does not quote (and Bloomberg does not permit) asking for a spread. Otherwise what one could do (for the money machine we all dream of) is go into the market mornings and ask for spreads from all the dealers. Then match the best trades and make arbitrage profits. To the best of my knowledge such trading is not allowed on Bloomberg.

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