The ten dollar test

I used to go to this chinese takeaway in NY for dinner.  On one day, a black guy, a Bowery bum, preceded me into the restaurant and grubbed about the floor.  He saw something that looked like a 10 dollar bill, but didn’t take it and left it there.  I sat at the table, my attention having been drawn to the scrap of paper on the floor, and placed my order.  Looked at the scrap of paper more closely, and found that it was indeed a ten dollar bill.  Promptly pocketed it.  I guess I failed the ten dollar test.

But that black guy who drew my attention to it-he was like an EMH theorist.  If there was a ten dollar bill on the floor, someone would surely have picked it up long ago.  So it couldn’t be.  Such are the wages of an expensive higher education



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