Wage goods

The income distribution is Pareto, a unimodal distribution.  Wage goods are the goods consumed by the modal class.  Wage goods need to be consistently produced which is why the economy always recovers after a time of financial excess.  Kite paper, accomodation bills.  But here I’m kind of stuck.  Because I don’t know the variance of the income distribution.  Has the variance increased over time?  Over modes of production?  Over geographies?

Wage goods can be considered as a composite commodity.  This simplifies the economic calculus considerably.  Wage goods are consumed by the proceeds of variable  capital expenditures by capitalists and the state.  Fixed capital expenditures in turn go to other capitalists.  Here I should correct myself and say constant capital.

The difference between the rural wage goods bundle and the urban wage goods bundle.  CPI(UNME) CPI(AL) etc.

Contradictions between one capitalist and another.  Contradictions between capital and wage labour.  Mao said to identify the primary contradiction.

Keynes does all his measurements in wage units.


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