Optimal control-1.Miseducation

I don’t really know the history of education in India (more research required milord) (more time for more research requested milord), but from the smattering I’ve picked up over the years, some tentative conclusions and some questions.

My mothers greatgrandfather was a brahmin, a “toler pundit”, the village schoolteacher.  Not very rich but highly educated.  The education that was dispensed in those days in India was very different from the Jesuitical model.  The guru used to assess each pupil independently, and prescribe a course of learning for him.  This method would take into account the idiosyncratic disposition of the pupil, and recommend a course of learning for him.  He learnt what the guru felt he needed most to know.  This is very different from the standardized syllabi characteristic of modern education.  The Loyola method of instruction ensures that each student is exposed to the same set of facts and books.  This becomes a very effective way of controlling what the student knows.  And what the student does not know.  This translates into a very effective way of mind control.

So: question: is it an accident that the birth of the square matrix schoolroom with students in rows and columns grouped together by age coincided with the end of the feudal age (facts needed here, Oxford and Cambridge were founded 13 something or is that so?).  Question:what passed for education in Europe before the birth of the universities?  How old are the good schools in England:Dulwich College, Charterhouse etc.  Can one date the end of  feudalism proper to the signing of the Magna Carta 10 something?  Apparently, the king who signed the Magna Carta did not know how to write.  Please verify.


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