Let us not pun on the word, it would be most indelicate (Keats comes to mind).  Consumption is mainly a matter of habit.  We live in the same place for runs of time.  We have the same shopping baskets.  Consumption is stable and readily forthcoming.  Hunger gnaws.  Hence production.  But production is limited by technology, by techne.  By knowledge, which is inherently accretive and cumulative.

So Consumption pulls the productive process in its direction, calls for newer products and utilities.  Incremental tweaking of the production process.  But this is preconditioned by a given income distribution.  Which in turn determines consumption.  Ouroboros.

Which is why we have to liberate the consumption desires of the billions on this planet who do not have enough.  Believe me, it would be a thing to behold.

Residential construction has a lot to do with this.  Or am I wrong?


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