Wish list

What I want to know is what are the employment opportunities for a Ph.D in economics in Bangalore.  For that I would need a list of employers in Bangalore.  Where is this list?  What I need is a database which can be queried for different geographies, and different variables.  For instance, I may want to know how many of the current employers (employing above, say, 100 people) are US companies, how many Japanese, etc.  I know I can get highly aggregated FDI data from the RBI, but what of Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore?  I need to be able to filter for city.  Where is such a database?

Further, I want to know, if, say, Amba, was included in the FDI data, or not.  I want to know about IHS. How is the FDI calculated?

And what of the scale of operations?  Revenues of these companies?  Employment?

This is just an attempt to narrow down the field of inquiry.  To specify it, as it were.


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