Prices from shopping basket at Choice Daily Needs, Chalaghata, Bangalore, India 560 037

Potato 1kg    Rs 20.00

Tomato 1kg     Rs 20.00

Onion 1 kg     Rs 28.00

Lemon 3 nos.     Rs 7.00

Curds I packet     Rs 6.00

Pepsi 2 ltr x 2 nos      Rs 104.00

Wills packet of 10×8      Rs 272.00

Milk powder (200gms)     Rs 44.00

Total  Rs 501.00

I assume an american potato is equivalent to an indian potato.  I assume an american tomato is equivalent to an indian tomato.  I assume an american onion is equivalent (from the point of view of function) to an indian onion.  I assume an indian lemon is as good as an american one.  Dahi or curd is equivalent there and here.  Pepsi is perhaps the only case where quality differentials are nil.  A pack of 20 wills is equal to a pack of Marlboros.  Milk powder is pretty much the same.  So now, I need the USD prices of these, and I can compare the specific and generalised purchasing power of the USD (and the INR) .  Will I be able to find these prices on the net?  And would there be home delivery?


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