On difference

Just putting it down in black and white for sake of clarity.

What is the difference that makes a difference and what is a difference that does not?  Everyone’s scheme of difference is different.  Yet there are universals.  Of feeling.  Of experience.  Hunger.  So: to put it in other words, what are those purposes to whose ends the means are fungible?  Some would here say ‘survival.’  Which makes it an economic question does it not?

So there is hunger and there is getting on.  Everybody is getting on.  But:  what is the scheme of difference that they are getting on in?  To me, an Alto and a Santro are purely fungible, what I need is someone to drive it.  But to some, the make of car they drive is a crucial element in their personality.  Different strokes for different folks.  But: there are universals.  Shared archetypes (everyone has had a mother they might have dreamed of.)  (Does my cat ever dream of his mother?)

Survival is a shared object (in the double sense of that word.)  It is a social undertaking.  A modicum of sociability is required for the work place so that the serious business of production may proceed.


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