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Can the possesion of property constitute an attribute which neatly puts a red or white hat on every head?

For instance, in Himachal, we have our neighbours in Bagora.  There Soma owns land in the village and owns her own house.  Yet she has to work in our house just to make some money.  She would be what any right minded person would call poor.  Yet she owns property.  At the other end of the scale, we have Calpers, which owns a large part of the American stock market.  The savings of working class folk have been amassed into a fund which ends up owning a sizeable chunk of corporate America.  No: property as a criterion will just not do.  There are a number of urban landlords, who when measured on an income scale, would just be middle class.

But I would still like to have assets as a column in any database of humans.  And a breakdown of those assets.

What I am really interested in is movements of net worth.  The rate of increase of net worth of nations.  Or as an altogether wiser Adam put it before me: The Wealth of Nations.


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