Havn’t been updating the blog because of updates at work.  Fascinating work. 

Have to learn about databases.

This database consists of time series.  Or more precisely, realizations of time series.  Time is the primary key.  This is true if as Aditya told me last night over dinner, a primary key is the heading of the column which orders the rows in a table.  Time partitions into frequencies.  Annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly (5 and 7), up until the most granular level.  Thus a single time point has a row of geographies, concepts under that geography, sources and such like.

I am beginning to get an idea of the database.


One Response to “Update”

  1. Hemant Puthli Says:

    Speaking of databases and time series … a friend of mine by the name of Ajay Shah does a lot of work around that sort of stuff. You may be interested in checking out this site http://www.mayin.org/cycle.in/index.html and some of their other projects.

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