The nature of labour

The nature of labour has changed over the ages.  The posture has changed.  From stooping, bowing in the fields, to the elegant stance of a modern day waiter.  With this change in posture has come a corresponding change in consciousness.  Modern man has at his disposal some very powerful tools.  Tools with which man labours.  Like a hammer and a sickle.  Or a laptop.  What you do, influences which muscles you develop.  And in dealing with computers, it is not only our fingers that get stronger.  Which brings me back to techne and mode of production.  What does the labour of a farmer teach him?  What of a futures trader?  And over time one would like to trace the trajectories of the various sectors, employment sectors by some standard statistical scheme; and see which ones grew and which ones shrank.  These trends could be forecast out to project what the profile of employment would be in the future.  Without looking at the data, I can safely assert that out of the entire human annual waking hours in the adult population, an increasingly larger proportion of time is being spent by people working at monitors, or engaged in interaction with an electronic device.  Wonder what that says about the nature of labour in the future.


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