India’s export trade

India exports its best quality manali, its best quality mangoes, its best quality Darjeeling tea, its best quality tiger prawns.  I don’t care about froglegs because I don’t eat froglegs.

Q:  Why doesn’t the market supply best qualities to domestic consumers, I’m sure they can pay the world price.

Task: Look at detailed trade stats to bolster this anecdotal summary.


One Response to “India’s export trade”

  1. HyperActiveX Says:

    A: (IMHO) this happens in india. most other countries (in the ‘developed’ world) keep their best domestic produce and export it only if it is in surplus, or export cheaper variations (which are bound to be of poorer quality). we keep our best for export because we continue to lack self-respect / feel inferior vis-a-vis ‘foreigners’, who we believe deserve a better deal than we give ourselves, and who we believe can pay more (though there are a lot of indians who can afford to pay more too). to put it differently, from the pov of economics, we fear we may not have a market if our quality is not better than the sub-standard stuff we peddle for domestic consumption. as far as the ‘made to order’ market is concerned, stuff gets made to exacting standards which are far above and beyond what domestic customers are willing to settle for, especially at a lower price point.

    P.S. whoever is going to look at detailed trade stats could also please gather adequate data to bolster this subjective opinion 🙂

    P.P.S. we also export our best quality human resources. and that saddens me immensely. and differently, compared to mangoes, grass, tea and prawns.

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