Lex prudence

It’s not that one doesn’t want to write, but something holds one back from making confessions that could potentially harm ones’ source of income.  There is ambivalence here, and contradiction.  There is certainly liberation in confessing to an unheeding world.  But there is also fear that it may turn around and bite.  Will have to resolve this.

Ramana Maharshi did most of his teaching in silence.  But I don’t see the blog quite doing that.  What would it look like, a blank slate with the potential to be populated with whatever thoughts the interested reader projects upon it?  Too much to hope for.  But with a giant thought reading machine it could work.  What were Wiener, and Bateson, and Lilly and the rest of them working on in the sixties?  Not a Giant Thought Reading Machine, surely?


One Response to “Lex prudence”

  1. HyperActiveX Says:

    Two thoughts, both open for debate:

    1. The first rule (per yours truly) of keeping a secret is to not let anyone know that it exists. Curiosity may lead to suspicion.

    2. Sometimes, openness and candour could potentially be less harmful than giving the impression that there is something you cannot / will not talk about.

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