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Notes for blog posts

April 30, 2009

1. The strange inavailabilty of decent backpacks in Bangalore.

2. How I got the railway ticket to Delhi and how I didn’t get the railway ticket from Delhi.

3.  The state of precolonial India as discussed with Frank and Deipica.

4.  The poor state of internet connectivity in Himachal.

But mayhaps I complain too much.


Just like heaven-II

April 30, 2009

Spent a splendid few days (from the 14th of April till today, the 30th of April) in this slice of heaven that is Palampur.  Received good news vis-a-vis the labour market yesterday.  Hope this luck holds.

Met Boku and Deipica and Frank, his wife Rani, and their child Alokmaya.  Had good times with them and Ma and Baba.

Finished the “Politics Triumphs Economics” review and submitted it.

Drank a lot of green tea.

Am in the cyber cafe in Palampur, waiting for my ticket back to Bangalore on the 3rd May from Delhi.

Praise Jesus!  Om Sai Ram!

Everyone can’t play the market

April 9, 2009

Some have got to be there, making the bread.  The bread we eat.  Some have to be there to make the clothes we wear.  Some people have to work in factories to make the cars.  Though this number becomes smaller every year due to technological advances, it is still substantial.  Everyone cannot make money trading shares.

Thoughts on parapraxis

April 9, 2009

I was having trouble spelling the word “exercised” in the post below. I always think this tells me something about myself. The error signifies a deeper malady. Once wrote a term paper on error during my studies at NYU, all about this. (Aside: wish I had a copy of the term papers I wrote in my university days, one of those I was really proud of.)
In this case it probably signifies my aversion to any and all forms of physical exercise.

But I just realized, that if you don’t exercise, you will probably not exercise power over others either.

Exercise is good for you.

Further on the problem of unemployment

April 9, 2009

Blogging suffers. At least for me it does. There is the problem of unemployment as seen by an economist who has a tenured job. And then there is the problem seen close up by the out-of-work-economist.

As an economist, I am horrified by the capacity utilization rate and unemployment rate prevalent in the USA today. This is the same essential irrationality that Keynes was exercised about in the Great Depression.  How can machines and plant lie unused and at the same time willing workers be out of a job?  What is the real reason for this apparently irrational state of affairs?  Does some small subset of the adult population benefit from this state of affairs and hence it persists? 

Anyway, have taken the first baby steps in labour markets, and am keeping my fingers crossed -can’t say more here, the magic will evaporate.