Email from Amit Erandole-I

Glad to know you enjoy my writing. Perhaps I should get a blog. But I
am such a pervert that I will probably end up writing posts like 10 reasons why I shouldn’t write a blog.

Same excuse I gave someone when she asked me why I was not writing a novel: I would kill everyone on the first page.

But then I am just trying to play around, aren’t I? I am hoping to get clarity around basic principles of economics and then expose that understanding to what I have gleaned from my readings in political
economy. Soon enough I should end up writing about the differences between potlach, gift economy and free market. Death, exchange, value, labour (subjectivity) and money being the core elements of an evolving investigation.

As for capitalism, I do believe we need to still take on the beast, as other men of our generation and older still have, in order to be “effective and transformational”.

I hope you help me reach this point of clarity. I hope you will be an interlocutor and mentor to me. I hope you will write with me on this piece.

Meanwhile I am enjoying your quixotic encounters with bangalore rickshawallahs. That’s capitalism working the streets.

Keep on keeping on man


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