Two humbling experiences

N was humming the Police song “Every little thing she does is magic”.  I was so sure of myself when I told her it was “Everything she does is magic”, that I had a bet with her.  I would be her slave for a day if she was right.  We came back and checked.  She was right.  Lesson: I am damn sure of many things that are probably not so.

We went to Garuda mall, and decided when leaving that we would take a rick from slightly further down the road after exiting so that we would not have to pay inflated prices.  It so transpired that when we stepped out the rick man said he would charge by the meter.  I immediately dismissed him because I knew the meter would be rigged.  But he persisted, said his meter was an electric one.  I had thought until today that these electric meters can’t be rigged.  When we got into the rick he said he would take Rs 20/- extra. N wanted to get dowm immediately.  So he lowered his price to Rs10/- extra and we agreed to go.

Of course his meter was rigged.  The fare on the meter which normally comes to Rs 50/- came to Rs 74/-.  Ended up paying Rs 84/-.

I took his picture by my camera phone.  Lesson: even electric meters can be rigged.  Cost of learning this lesson: Rs 34/-.


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