The times they are a changing

Was at Charmaine’s birthday party last evening and was chatting with Sowmya and Natasha about this and that.  The topic somehow came to the question of how visiting cards are proferred in the corporate world.  I was surprised to find that they had noted this same thing that was bothering me for a while.  When corporate honchos offer their visiting cards, they do it with both hands, and slowly and with great import.  This is a new trend I have noted.  Apparently, this is a Japanese practice, that has caught on with the entire corporate world.

This led me to think about recent introductions I have endured, where I am wrappped up in a hug.  In my time (the time of the Beatles and Pink Floyd) I don’t think hugging was so common.  Frankly, I am all for formality in relationships, because that serves as a framework in which the business at hand can be conducted.  Where does this practice of faux interrellatedness come from?  In my time a handshake would suffice.

And that too a handshake with men.  I consider men who offer their hands to women first, ill mannered brutes.  I wouldn’t like women to be indiscrimately touched by all and sundry.  Where has gone the elegant and graceful ‘namaste’, which justifies itself on grounds on hygiene and high culture?  When men offer their hands to women, they put them in an awkward position of refusing. Many of them don’t.

So why do certain practices catch on, and others don’t.


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