Reason decrees that we use our (God given) intellects to attack and solve the problems that we face.  What if your reason leads you to the conclusion that the root cause of several of your problems  is in the way production is organised , in what a marxist would call, the relations of production?

Can’t seem to extricate myself from a political understanding of the world.  To eschew this (the devil whispers in my ear) would be to side with the status quo.

But God and his opposite are in fact one.  The space of values is one sided like a Mobius strip.

As Alan Watts quotes someone famous and holy:  “Synne is behovabil, but al shal be wel and al shal be wel and all manner of thyng shal be wele.”

Let’s just say I’m confused enough to be ineffective, to not be a threat to anyone else’s well being, and leave it at that.


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