Furniture of the mind’s attic

“Where have you been, it’s alright we know where you’ve been”

Reading HyperactiveX’s blog all of the other day, I was struck by how similar our cultural properties were.

He built model airplanes, so did I.  He likes the same kind of music as I do.  He was labouring the point in one of his posts that he had all the cultural equipment necessary to qualify him as a bona fide American, that he was one of ‘us’.

So I am now driven to catalouge all these items, with an end to closure on this-after all, as he justly writes in another of his posts, we all have this urge to separate ourselves from ‘others’.  We each prize individuality, and uniqueness.

It began in Bandra with Commando comics, Phantom and Mandrake, Sgt. Fury, The Justice League of America; all borrowed from the Vera Circulating library near our house.   Enid Blyton, Billy Bunter, William, Biggles, Tom Swift.  Then Louis L’Amour, J.T Edson, Zane Grey. Then Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Erle Stanley Gardner, James Hadley Chase, P.G.Wodehouse, Alistair Maclean and Desmond Bagley. By the time I finished school, was reading Anthony Burgess, and Kingsley Amis.  The library at St. Mary’s had Asimov, Clarke, and Tom Swift.  It also had binders of Popular Mechanics.

Music was Saturday Date, where I first heard popcorn, and Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Boots’.  Also ‘Hey fatty bum bum’ and ‘Summer wine’.  Christopher Rodrigues introduced me to ‘Monster Mash’.  Music was the sitar class at Sangit Mahabharati.  Music was rabindra sangit (33 rpm) at home.

I’m getting tired of all this catalouging, so will desist.  Will end with one question: does the market make clones?  Also: there are properties in USA that are not exported to India (eg. Gil Scott Heron? Round Midnight by Dexter Gordon)

Closure on this can be attained by giving all this away, and making place for the new.  By the new I mean original.  Originating in me, like this post does.

“O take this longing from my tongue, and all the useless things these hands have done”


4 Responses to “Furniture of the mind’s attic”

  1. sxray Says:

    Thanks Iyer, for everything you have given me!

  2. sxray Says:

  3. Amit Says:

    Hey sabby,

    You can actually embed the video in the page. That way this blog can feature all the references that someone 15 years younger can’t get. There needs be some contemporary decoding of all the reasons why the revolution cannot be televised.

    I believe the revolution was televised. Six golden seasons of The Sopranos. HBO will sponsor, finance and televise your revolution and mine. And I am in awe of the struggle, guile and wit it took to get there.

    On the other hand we haven’t seen anything comparable since last year.

  4. sxray Says:

    Thanks for the comment! Couldn’t stop laughing. God knows one needs the levity at times such as these!

    Ok will try embedding the video next time. But don’t you think it will distract from the point I’m trying to get across in the post?

    Glad to see that you are au courant with the latest American television, a travesty as seeing you are in Candyville. Well, the attics of your mind will be different from mine (but not from that of your demographic cohort, mind you-buddy for the 50s, cool and hep for the 60s…)

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