There is a story that when John Lennon first met Yoko Ono it was at an avant garde exhibition of art.  He had to climb a ladder to a loft, only to find that the exhibit in question was a card with the single word ‘Yes’ on it.

My dissatisfaction with the my life at that point was readily channeled into a political understanding of the world.  This was in my tender youth.  So now it takes all the guts I have to say that that was a limited and constricted view of the world.  Of course, I expect old habits of thought will linger on, but I will try to cleave to a ‘half full’ view of things.  Sometimes in my disgruntlement I cannot imagine why this should be the chosen alternative.  But I will for the moment suspend doubt, and take the path advised by various wise men at various times.

So I will just say YES.


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